S-Class Model Research

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is without rival or equal. Every material from the leather of the seats to the material on the dash has been carefully selected to make you feel right at home. Actually, this is better than home. Once you ride in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class everything else will feel basic and mundane. How can you obtain such a model? New S-Class models can be quite expensive, but if you buy a pre-owned model, you will get all the luxury at a fraction of the price. You can try a used Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Memphis, TN at Smith Imports..

Want to see the inventory that we currently have in stock? Then click the link below and be prepared to be impressed by our affordable late-model low-mileage options. Otherwise, you can keep reading to learn more about the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and all that it has to offer.

Smith Imports S-Class models and availability

The S-Class is nearly at the top of the line for Mercedes-Benz. The only thing above it would be a Mercedes-Maybach which when new starts at nearly double the price. The S-Class still represents the pinnacle of luxury and style for the Mercedes-Benz brand. You can expect technology that’s far ahead of the competition and an attention to detail that is just not present even in other German brands.

When it comes to the S-Class, you have a variety of options available. Of course the S-Class comes as a four-door sedan but, much like the E-Class, it is also available as a two-door coupe. Looking for luxury with the top down? Then you can get that same two-door coupe style but with a convertible soft top.

Mercedes-AMG is synonymous with power, performance, and luxury. Lucky for you, the S-Class is also available with AMG performance as a sedan, a coup, and a cabriolet convertible. With so many options it’s going to be a tough decision finding the perfect S-Class, but no matter what you choose, you are always guaranteed to arrive in style.

Smith Imports is happy to help you find the car of your dreams right here in Memphis. With our extensive selection of Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles, you are bound to find something to love. On top of that, we also have a wide variety of other Mercedes-Benz models and even luxury models from other brands that you can also test drive and use as a comparison point. We look forward to helping you!